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Latin NameCryptotermes cavifrons Banks
Length4 to 15 millimetres
Colorpale in color
Digestive TractTract:Yes

How to get rid of this?.To get rid of pest problem under control, inspection is the first and foremost step.

Termites of the genus Cryptotermes were sometimes called powder post termites, because of the telltale heaps of fecal pellets (frass) that accumulate beneath infested wood.  Fecal pellets of Cryptotermes are similar in size and shape to other comparably sized species of Kalotermitidae.  All are now collectively known as dry wood termites.

PEST CONTROLTermites are a group of Eusocial Insects that live in colonies.

The most economically significant termite in this genus, Cryptotermes brevis, commonly infests structures, and at a time, it was known as the “furniture termite” thanks to the frequency with which colonies were found in pieces of furniture.  A member of the same genus that might be mistaken for Cryptotermes brevis upon a first, cursory examination is Cryptotermes cavifrons, a species endemic to all of peninsular Florida, from St. Johns County to Monroe County. Cryptotermes cavifrons is common in dry or dead trees, logs, stumps, and branches, but it is rarely found infesting structures, due to higher moisture requirements than those of Cryptotermes brevis.

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