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Here at Bugs, we offer Termite Pre Treatments “Soil Poisoning” On New Construction. Bugs Exterminators Termite & Pest Control Inc.


will always provide you with a guaranteed two hour response time for your Florida Pre-Treatment needs. We provide service day or night to help with your, special scheduling requirements.

Successful termite control starts before the first concrete slab is poured and before the first brick is laid. A Termite Pre-Treat is the first step to stopping termites from attacking a building by creating a complete barrier beneath the slab.


If you are currently building, or planning on building a new home or building in Florida, contact us about our Top Notch Termite Pre Treatments Whether it be traditional soil pre-treats with Termidor, or any of our other services Bugs Exterminators Termite & Pest Control Inc we are licensed in all 4 pest management categories and can help you achieve a goal that is both economical and effective. Upon completion of the treatment we will issue you a “Certificate of Treatment” required by the building code for the city building inspector to qualify you to pass inspection so you may continue with your construction project. You will be issued a physical copy at time of treatment. Don’t hesitate call us now for a free estimate


We offers several services in order to keep your office pest free. Drawing from our decades of experience in pest control, we pay special attention to each building’s structure.


For commercial retailers, pest control is vital to protect both real estate and commodities, as well as the health of staff and customers.


Pest problems are not only bothersome for restaurants and commercial kitchens, they can destroy the businesses and be a severe threat to peoples’ health.


With constant traffic going through, warehouses and factories are particularly sensitive to pest problems. In order to help you prevent damages to your properties or commodities.